Wolfenstein and Scott Pilgrim vs the Video Game


Pokemon and Skyrim



Pokemon and Left 4 Dead :I

Tf2 and Devil Survivor. WELP.

Animal Crossing and Pokemon

That would be a pretty rad game

Kingdom Hearts and Spyro. Awesome.

LoZ: Phantom Hourglass and Gex3: Deep Cover Gecko
Legend of Gex: Deep Phantom Gecko 

How does that even work??

Persona 4 and Portal 2 HMMMMM

skyrim + animal crossing???????????????????????????????????????????? omg

blazblue and catherine help

animal crossing and hamham heartbreak


animal crossing and portal

woah that’s cool


Fallout 3 and New Vegas
That would be wonderful

Aion and Botanicula


Pokemon and Project Zomboid.

Yeah, I couldn’t play that.

Diablo 3 and COD:MW3. ummmm.

skyrim and professor layton… i want this to be real.

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    Skyrim and South Park: The Stick of Truth… …so basically South Park: The Stick of Truth?
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    Phoenix Wright & Professor Layton-I WIN, THEY -HAVE- BEEN!
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    Pokemon and Dark Souls 2 ……..
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    XCOM: Darkstar Within
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    L4D2 FTB Minecraft
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    inFamous/Portal 2 Cole would get so pissed off I can see him zapping GLaDOS every time she made a smart ass remark. Also...
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    Elder Scrolls Online and Settlers of Catan O_O yyeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
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    Bioshock and Fallout 3. My life is complete.
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    Pokemon Tycoon
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    Red Dead Redemption: Ace Attorney…
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    Harvest Moon X version I guess it would be a farming game set in the region of Kalos, and you’d raise Miltanks and grow...
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    Oh my… I can’t remember if that would be Skyrim New Vegas (in which case I guess that would make a kick ass...
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    Uncharted and super Mario brothers
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    Assassin’s Creed and Sly Cooper. Seems legit.
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    Tetris and… QWOP… Um…
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    cookie clicker and tetris
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    Spelunky + Reccetear Spelunketear, if you will …holy shit, that could be a good game procure stuff to sell from the...
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    Skyrim Effect because commander shepard wasn’t all ready enough of a munchkin-sue contains DOUBLE the fantastical racism...
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    Pom gets Wi-Fi and Amnesia. Okey doki loki… o.o
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    super smash brothers black ops
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    Half Life 2: Perspective …Portal. It’s Portal.
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    Chivalry Raider: Tomb Warfare
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    Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus+LittleBIGPlanet 2. Looks like someone finally made a decent PS2 mascot level.
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    Animal Crossing: The World Ends With You
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    Psychonauts: Super Star Ultra
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    BlazBlue and Disgaea. The world is fucked and Laharl is secretly Azrael’s son.
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    Mad Father and Paper Mario? … .
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    Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Pokemon Black. WELL NOW.
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    Pokemon White 2 and The World Ends With You… I can invision this. It would be awesome.
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    // Far Cry 3: The Blood Dragon and Miami Connection. That is waaaay too much 80’s…and neon. My eyes would bleed from the...
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    Assassins creed and Bioshock Infinite Yay?
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